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Competition Rules

Parents please understand that this is a Kids Cook-Off!  Parental supervision is required for safety at all times.

The Kid Cook should be PRIMARILY responsible for prepping, seasoning, cooking, and presenting their entry. Guidance from Adults is permitted but at no time can the Adult independently prep (including trimming, seasoning, etc.)  cook, sauce, or present the Competition Meat.  Please respect the rules and allow the Kids to be the Head Cooks. 

As of Check In – the KidsQue Area is a game free/ smart phone free zone.  Phones or tablets may only be used as a camera, timer or for a phone call. 

Kid Cooks may cook on Charcoal Grills or Wood Fired Grills in the designated KidsQue Area defined by the Event Organizer. 

Pits may be provided by the Event Organizer; however, you are allowed to bring your own pit.  Event Organizer may provide charcoal and assist in starting the pit.

Competition Meats (Pork Chops or Steaks) will be provided by Event Organizer and will be handed out after the Kid Cooks Meeting. 

Competition Meats must be prepped and cooked in the KidsQue Area. Meats are not allowed to leave the designated KidsQue area at any time.

The Adult Assistant is not allowed to operate an injector at any time. The Kid Cook must operate the injector independently.  Note: Adult may hold the container with the injection.

Competition Meats must be submitted in the boxes provided.  The foil disc must stay in the box under the Competition Meat. 

Only the Competition Meat and Foil Disc are allowed in the box, no additional items or foreign objects on the box.  No excessive pooling of juices or sauces.    

Competition Meats may not be marked in way, with the exception of grill marks.

Competition Meats may be trimmed before, but not after cooking.

If the Kid Cook abandons the pit during the KidsQue for any reason other than a medical emergency or to use the restroom, the Kid Cook must notify the KidsQue Rep. 

At any time, if the Kid Cook is not the Primary Cook, the pit will be disqualified..

Competition Meats will be judged on 4 categories: Appearance, Textures, Taste and Overall Impression.  

Items your Kid Cook will need for the Competition:

Pit, Charcoal, Fire Starter, Tongs. BBQ Rub, BBQ Sauce, Sauce Brush, Apron, Gloves or Hand Wipes, Foil, Ice Chest, Table/ TV Tray

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